Touchscreen Machine control

On screen product selection. Maximize product information for your consumers.


On-screen advertising

Generate additional revenues through Vending machine digital content.


Bespoke User Interfaces

Customised touchscreen user interfaces incorporating, product information, payment and advertising.


Discover Vend Mobile App

Connecting a larger consumer market with smart Vending and self service retail.


Smart solutions for multiple sectors

The Discover Vend Team are continuously developing smarter solutions for to connect operators and consumers across multiple sectors.


Contactless Payments

Discover vends proprietary payment solutions ensure convenient, seemless consumer buying experiences and delivery of vital real time data for operators.

We specialise in custom design and build of machines. 

Discover Vend has been building customised vending solutions for 10 years. We design and manufacture machines based on products being sold, we supply machines with our DV suite of integrated technologies.

Robust Web Management

Real time data for machine operators. Our DV machine technology communicates real time data . This data is delivered in real time to the DV Backend and client application. This convenient reporting and machine management platform includes Product sales, transactions record, product Management, advertising content management, hardware diagnostics and data forwarding to client systems.

No need to interact with Vending machines directly

Pay effortlessly, safely and easily with the DV app.

  • Select your products, purchase and pay using your own Mobile device

  • 1 time register, then conveniently pay for your products at any Discover vend machine

  • Browse product information before purchasing

Pay at Discover Vend Machines using the Discover vend App on your own device