With 10 years experience in the Vending sector, the DV team are consistently reimagining and developing new solutions.

As standard all Discover Vend machines are available to purchase and are pre tested and delivered with our DV suite of convenience technology including User interface, contactless payment and Management system. Please enquire today about our service features. For specific vending requirements we can design and build machines according to your requirement.

From complex to simple, with contactless payments

Using the DV 680 contactless reader customers can simply tap their phone, watch or bank card as part of the touchscreen purchase process. Confirmation will be given via the touchscreen ensuring the consumer receives the products paid for.

Compatible with ISO14443 Type A & B, Mifare, Felica, NFC, ISO15693. EMV L1, L2 certification. Visa payWave®, MasterCard® PayPass™, American ExpressPay® . L3 acquirer certification.